Poets may make nothing happen, but I believe we can change hearts and minds, inform and transform.

Ensuring human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations over 50 years ago is one useful way those who read and write can work for a more just world.

Amnesty International has several sites on the Internet where you can get information on this worldwide human rights organization and its efforts:

  • The "official" Amnesty International Site
    Amnesty International on-line

I live in North America, in the United States.Where I live bears the names of those who were here first. The First People here have a history we need to know. This site leads to information on, and other pages about indigenous peoples around the world:

Another place on the Web to connect with efforts to make good manifest:

  • American Friends Service Committee

    I love coffee. I also am committed to justice and equity, fair play and fair pay. Equal Exchange, a coffee cooperative, unites my java ingestion to my conscience in a way that delights my palate as well as my heart:

  • Februrary is Black History Month. I found a wonderful site that connects those interested in the history of Africans in America to other Internet locations with information. By/from Randy Barkhouse at Dalhousie University:

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