Making Paper Bowls

Paper Bowls/Baskets/Vessels/Containers

I make vessels and bowl forms of paper and
papier maché (paper pulp).

SkySea Series: Corolla Bowls. Design: Akua Lezli Hope,1997. papier maché

There are a number of other techniques for fabricating paper vessels.
One approach is to wet paper---
as in strip maché,
but in this technique using whole sheets of paper ---
and pat them over a form or withina form.

As a papermaker, you may find it easier to use wet, newly formed sheets of paper, that you may or maynot press. A light press ( between two boards vs. hydraulic or sustained pressing) makes the sheets a bit easier to handle. Though I often use, just pulled sheets to fill in spots. I find it easier to use forms or molds into which I place the paper. Since the pulps I use, and most papers, shrink when drying, you avoid problems of release when the pulp is "within."

Another method is to release a newly formed paper sheet on a form
and a third method was to scoop, drain, and pat paper pulp into or on to a form.
Be aware that the paper adheres
and petroleum jelly, nonstick cooking oil spray, and
saran wrap have all been recommended as layers
between your paper and the form.

I apply petroleum jelly and then wipe it off, leaving the thinnest possible layer.
Depending on the form, I now dry my bowls and vessels in a 200 degree F oven.

This does not work for plastics and inflated forms expand in the heat, so the benefits are not realizable at all stages of creation, but it's a wonderful tool in your tool kit.

Bowls. Akua Lezli Hope,2002.

SkySea Series: Blue Moon Bowl on Sky Pedestal. Design: Akua Lezli Hope, 1997. Overall: H: 15.5'(39 cm) W:12"(30 cm) D: 10.5"(26 cm).

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