Radiant Ancestor Woman, artist-made paper, recycled papter, cotton linters and fiber plus yarn, 1999

BirdHouse 1 made for Habitat for Humanity, artist-made paper,copper, stones, branch, feathers, foam, acrylics, approx. 10"D by 28"H, 2002

Spirit House, flax, fiber,flameworked glass, fused glass, copper, Pacific stones, branches

BirdHouse 2 made for Habitat for Humanity, artist-made paper, flameworked glass bird beads, pins, stones, twigs, foam, acrylics, copper, approx. 10"D by 24"H, 2002

Emerging Spiral, vacuumcast, artist-made paper, copper, 2001

WaterJourney, handmade paper, cast in handmade plaster mold; denim and other fibers plus cotton and recycled paper, netting, and gold ribbon,1999

Woman Chest Shield, 2001, flax, copper

Choose Well Shield, vaccum cast, artist-made paper, leaves, aluminum, thistle, 2001

PraiseWoman BearingWinged Heart, handmade paper handcast in artist made mold, cotton and fibers plus yarn, 1999.

Coffee Shield, handmade paper handcast coffee, recycled paper, coffee filters, cotton linter, 1999.

Prayer Shield, 2001, vacuum cast denim, copper, aluminum

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